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my newest avatar by Rexscutiegirl
Logo de Violetta Carolina by MileTinista16
Fear by Dragoncone
Asura... please by Iris50


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Doctor Mom Stamp by eevee03tv
High - OC/CC PMV MAP by eevee03tv
An Evening At The Lake by HeidiK1
It Was A Dream by HeidiK1
Your grammar fails by SafaiKat

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Founded 4 Years ago
Oct 31, 2013


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17 Members
21 Watchers
2,347 Pageviews
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Hi guys.
I don't come on DA very often so I won't be able to run the group...

Does anyone want to be a founder?
Hello. So this group has been very inactive, as you may see. We might become more active in December, however. But for now, could you all just do us a quick favor? Could you just look at the group WarriorClansOfNature? And could you spread the news about the group, please? The group hasn't gotten a single pageview in 4 hours, and the group has had a lot of work put into it. Especially the admin widget, if you click the cat names, it will take you to the OC owners' pages. Whoever does this will get...
1 free request by one of the following deviants.
1 point
A permanent feature in all of XeternalPosion's journals.
Heyyy :wave:

Its angelfire here again taking over. We got to 500 pageviews! We're halfway to our goal. To celebrate this, we will try to be at least 5 times more active.
Hey! :wave:

Angelfire here. Today, Safaikat asked me to take over and apparently I forgot. So, this group got slightly off track... We are a bit behind on the news, but I'll help with that. Okay so, since the group got off track a little, we will make up for it by taking requests and inviting suggestions. If you are submitting a request please:
Give a link to your OC.
Name what background, pose and type of drawing you want.
If you are submitting a suggestion, please:
Give the username to the deviant you want us to invite
Do NOT give your own username
Just give the name; You don't have to say : devxxxxxxxxx :, :I conxxxxxxxx :, etc.
Hi! :wave:

SafaiKat here. Today, I have some news. The group will be inactive for today, tomorrow, we will wake up at 5:30 in the morning and get this group on track. Our next goal is 700 pageviews in a single day! It may seem impossible but again, I've seen groups get 12,000 pageviews in a single week, so it might not be too hard, but it's not gonna be easy to just feature tons of art. We still need help, you cannot just sit there and do nothing for the group at all. We need to feature art and get more members to our goal. You do not have to do anything, but if you wish to help, feel free, but tomorrow. Right now isn't exactly the best time.

Calendar|November important days
November 10th - Snow-Body's birthday
November 15th - Contest ending
November 21st - Alex's birthday
November 25th - Thanksgiving

P.S Make sure to give Snow-Body a happy birthday tomorrow!
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Look at all of these groups please. They all deserve more views.
:iconwarriorclansofnature: WarriorClansOfNature :iconcutecookiesfamily: cutecookiesfamily Because WE ARE CUTE LIKE THAT. :icontalim-fan-club: talim-fan-club


Important journals
*Important* New groupHello! Hi! 
I have made a new group and I called it LlGHTOFTHEART. We will have contests, art, and tons of other things!
We certainly hope that this group meets up to your standards.
There are no rules for this group, you may submit any art of any kind to this group UNLESS you have stolen it without permission.
Our goal is to get 1,000 views, and we cannot do that without YOUR help!Worship 
We will assist you if you need it. We just want to reach our goal with some help. I love deviantART! 
If you can make icons or pictures for this group, we may feature it!:squee: 
So, for the first day of the group, we will hold a contest!
The winner will get a icon/request/etc.
Bullet; White You must be at least 2 months old
Bullet; White You must +favlove this journal.
Moving account *IMPORTANT*Hi! Well, I'm moving my account! Why? Well, my username makes people think I'm a bio, it's actually Japanese for Lily. -.- Lawd, anyway, I am giving the group to my new account because I might not be often enough to help out the group, sorry ._. 200 pageviews!Hi! :squee:
SafaiKat here probably about to turn caps lock on! WE GOT 200 PAGEVIEWS! :squee: As a celebration of 200 pageviews, you may submit 4 deviantations of your choice and they will be featured!
Just simply give links to the deviantations you want featured and they will be on Featured Deviantations #2!
Our goal?Hi! :wave:
SafaiKat here! I will be talking about the group's goal. The group's goal is to get 1,000 pageviews or 50 members and we wish to achieve this by the end of the year. I somewhat don't think this goal is too difficult to achieve because I've seen groups with over 20,000 views and they opened the group in a week... I still do not get how that is possible. The group has 20,000 views, but they have only been a group for a few days... Just h-how... How is that even possible..?
Anyway, we are very glad we got 200 pageviews in a single day! Daily goals are just 50 pageviews, but today was beyond that, and we deeply thank everyone who viewed this group. So, for the celebration, I will take one request. Only one, sorry. I do not have too much time. It has to be a animal because humans are a extreme difficulty for me, unless someone will volunteer to draw a human request. If you want a detailed animal request, it will take about 10-40 minutes if you want the request from me. If
Daily News - #8 - RandomessHi! :wave:
SafaiKat here! Today, since I have nothing else to talk about, I'm just going to talk about some random things. My friend Rose, who just got an account, she didn't join, my brother gave her his account, anyway, she started to flirt with John (one of my best friends). He sent me notes and screenshots about her noting him and sending him things. I feel somewhat strange because Charity (another one of my best friends) like him and Rose so far is just being desperate because she barely knows him. Rose asked me to make a icon for her and John. It's so weird, they've only talked for a few minutes and all of the sudden she likes him. And I thought I was desperate... Anyway, we are almost at Daily News #10! Not too big of an achievement but oh well! :dummy:
Anyway, we will be adding YGF to the group. YGF stands for Your Grammar Fails. It's a folder where you will send in screenshots of people with horrible grammar. It doesn't have to be on DeviantART, it can be on YouTube, Twitter,




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The amazing people

Thank you all so much if you visit this group! :hug:
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